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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
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Okanagan Arts, Summer 2008Okanagan Arts, Summer 2008
Okanagan Arts: Summer 2008

Table of Contexts


Editorial: The Light of Imagination

THE ART OF Inspiration Karin Wilson believes that the arts aren't getting enough attention, credit and support, and that sports may be getting too much..

THE ART OF Friendship Is Facebook a boon or bust to our social lives, Jarrod Thalheimer asks.

INTRODUCING Sarah Fahey Winner of the Okanagan Arts Scholarship at Wells Gray this summer.

THE ART OF Dance Outreach Contemporary dance is a mutating practice, both physically and intellectually, and Susan Fenner tracks some exciting new companies.

THE ART OF the Lyric Soprano Elaina Moreau is a gifted young songstress who's heading off to Manhattan to study, and Sue Harper shows how she got there.

THE ART OF the Potted Tree Catherine Mamo finds that the oriental practice of Bonzai is a growing concern for some very dedicated people in the Okanagan.

THE ART OF Reader Raising David Korinetz takes the Raise-A-Reader program into the schools.

THE ART OF Art Awakening Karen Close takes some students on a journey of inner discovery.

THE ART OF Straddling Worlds Healing is a constant in the work of cancer survivor and artist Jan Crawford, as Prima Harris discovers.

POETRY Three Solitudes Fern Carr explores a brooding sense of loneliness in her poetry of seclusion, but without despair.

PROFILE Ken Smedley A colourful person in the history of western Canadian theatre, Karin Wilson discovers the forces working in the heart of an original.


A Tribute to Smoker Marchand Dorothy Tinning has been inspired by the works of an Okanagan Nation artist to create artworks of her own, with powerful results.

The Healing Arts Karin Wilson explores the relationships between cultural and healing traditions in the Okanagan, and reveals striking similarities.

Reviving the Book Arts The North Okanagan has a number of creative printers and bookbinders who are keeping the ink flowing, reports Devon Muhlert.


PROFILE Ruth Schiller Moni Schiller celebrates the life and work of a Canadian original.

ARTS AWARD Janice Fingado A deserved accolade to a woman who gives beyond measure.

ENVOY Casting a Context for Creativity Gary Cleveland discusses the rammed-earth wall constructed to permanently display the Spirit of Kelowna medallions created in 2007.

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