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Summer 2007


An Ongoing Series of Lectures and Presentations that Celebrate the Creative Okanagan

Okanagan Institute
4:30pm Thursdays
at the Bohemian Cafe

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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

8-1304 Ellis Street
Kelowna BC Canada V1Y 1Z8
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Elke Lange, Executive Director

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Okanagan Arts, Summer 2007Okanagan Arts, Summer 2007
Okanagan Arts: Summer 2007

Table of Contexts


Editorial: A Time to Celebrate Robert MacDonald introduces the issue.

THE ART OF Cultural Leadership In a timely manifesto, Marianne Lepa discusses how cultural leadership creates a meaningful conversation on the value of the arts experience.

THE ART OF the Yard Don Gayton discusses garden ornamentation ­ from concrete frogs to wind-driven whirligigs ­ and shows it to be both beautiful and important.

THE ART OF Selling Art The fact that Canadian art, even abstract Canadian art, is worth millions is encouraging. Karin Wilson asks several prominent local art dealers why.

THE ART OF Photo Restoration A photograph is a reminder of people or events long gone. Yuri Akuney explains how to restore damaged or faded images.

THE ART OF the Word Jarrod Thalheimer takes us out into the streets, and into our own homes, to discover the everyday art that surrounds, entertains and informs us.

THE ART OF Teaching Art Dawn Emerson believes that everyone can create art, and her teaching approach and experience proves her point.

THE ART OF Healing As much at the end of life as at any other time, art-making provides a measure of healing, as veteran caregiver Harry van Bommel demonstrates.


The View from Naramata Melody Hessing, a renowned teacher, scholar and writer, has lived in Naramata for many years, and she shares some insightful vignettes.

4 Poems Nancy Holmes on Okanagan plant and animal life.

Portfolio: Laura Tucker Recently transplanted, photographer Laura Tucker demonstrates her vivid eye for detail, and for the wide vistas of her new home.

Profile: The Art of Jade Deborah Wilson is well known for the work she creates from her favourite medium, jade. She explains her fascination, and her work.

Dennis Joseph Weber: Defining Métis Culture An exploration of the culture represented in the work of the renowned artist, in preparation for the upcoming Kelowna Museum exhibition.

Romancing the Stone Is Okanagan jewelry craft, artisan or high art? It depends on the maker, as Dona Sturmanis shows through the work of three of the best local artists.

Portfolio: The Legacy of Skywoman The paintings of Lee Claremont reveal a deep spiritual connection to the earth and her heritage, allowing her to explore her distinctive "voice".

The Roots and Branches of Song A miscellany of dispatches from the Okanagan music scene, from the pops orchestra to a popular girl band on the fringe.

Epilog: This Writing Life Alan Bradley explains why it's wonderful to be a writer in the Okanagan.


Open Studios: The Welcoming Door of Art

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