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Spring 2008


An Ongoing Series of Lectures and Presentations that Celebrate the Creative Okanagan

Okanagan Institute
Thursday Express
4:30pm Thursdays
at the Bohemian Cafe

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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

8-1304 Ellis Street
Kelowna BC Canada V1Y 1Z8
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Elke Lange, Executive Director
Wendy McCracken, Coordinator

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Okanagan Arts, Spring 2008Okanagan Arts, Spring 2008
Okanagan Arts: Spring 2008

Table of Contexts


Editorial: The Challenge of Change

THE ART OF Creativity Lisa Harrison discovers that creativity takes many forms and has many benefits, for ourselves and our community.

THE ART OF the Voice Uplifted Karin Wilson explores the spirited and spiritual music of Barbara Samuel and Jane Eamon, and comes away inspired by their soulful sounds.

THE ART OF Rhythm and Healing The use of percussion-based therapy is becoming very popular as people recognize the power of rhythm, Trevor Salloum explains.

THE ART OF Local Heroes Jarrod Thalheimer celebrates Paul Johannsson and Jason Matlo, both of whom left the Okanagan to achieve success and fame elsewhere.

THE ART OF the Bean The most popular drink in the valley is coffee, and Sue Harper shows how some are turning the cup of java into a work of the roasters art..

THE ART OF Ullus Portia Priegert profiles the innovative work of the aboriginal media production collective that produces ground-breaking work.

THE ART OF Community Spirit In bringing together the community in 2006 to create mediallions, a special memorial has also been created. Karen Close documents the process.

THE ART OF Artists Among Us The ArtWorks Studio program of the Canadian Mental Health Association provides a unique collaborative and supportive environment.


The State of Cultural Stewardship in the Okanagan Don Elzer, community economic development expert and artist, provides a case study in arts planning based on the experience in the Okanagan, and articulates a strategy for growth and change that includes all stakeholders in the process and outcomes.

Shirley Nilsson, Fabric Art Pioneer Catherine Mamo enters a Westbank home and finds an internationally-known artist in her creative prime..

The View from the Land of the Big Red Apple The North Okanagan has long been a creative wellspring, and that tradition continues, Devon Muhlert reports.


Open Studios: The Welcoming Door of Art

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