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Okanagan Arts

Culture and Community

Spring 2007

An Ongoing Series of Lectures and Presentations that Celebrate the Creative Okanagan

Okanagan Institute
Thursday Express
4:30pm Thursdays
at the Bohemian Cafe

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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

8-1304 Ellis Street
Kelowna BC Canada V1Y 1Z8
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Elke Lange, Executive Director

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Okanagan Bookworks


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Okanagan Arts, Spring 2007Okanagan Arts, Spring 2007
Okanagan Arts: Spring 2007

Table of Contexts


Editorial: A Time to Celebrate Robert MacDonald introduces the issue.

THE ART OF Place In a timely and stirring manifesto, Don Gayton proposes that the marginalized and underfunded Okanagan arts community becomes a cultural seamstress, repairing the gaping tear in our social fabric, reweaving nature and sense of place back into our culture.

THE ART OF the Story Stories shape reality. Storytellers, when at their best, accept the responsibility that concept implies and try to create through their stories an environment in which all can flourish. Cathryn Wellner shows us how.

THE ART OF Collecting Collecting art is a form of self-expression. It is an artistic talent by itself, and reflects one's personality. Robert Setters provides some guidelines on how to best "own what you love".
THE ART OF Cuisine Food can move the spirit just like a Renoir painting or a da Vinci sculpture. Martin & Kristin Laprise explore the intersections of culinary and visual art.
THE ART OF Design Jarrod Thalheimer takes us behind the scenes to explore the role design plays in our everyday life. In the process he proposes to make dreamers and designers and creators of us all.
THE ART OF Community In discussing the variety of collaborative forms he has explored in his own work, Jim Kalnin demonstrates the value of artists working in the community, and creating community themselves.
The World History of the Okanagan Harold Rhenisch has lived in and worked on vineyards and orchards throughout the Okanagan, on the way to becoming an acclaimed poet, journalist and essayist. He shares his personal story, and in the process reveals part of the dark history of the region.
Innovators: The Bike Bender The skill and passion of Roger Goldammer for designing and building custom motorcycles has turned a hobby into a creative business in the custom motorcycle community, and we show why.
Profile: David LaHay Glenna Turnbull takes us on a whirlwind tour of the life and times of Ballet Kelowna's amazing artistic force.
Melvyn's Living Room Named after a frivolous white Persian cat, this quirky shop became a much needed, small-town culture salon. Dona Sturmanis takes us behind the scenes for a nostalgic snapshot tour of this missed informal institution.
In the Spirit of N'ha-a-itk Curator Gayle Liman explains and reveals the education bundles created as a legacy for the Kelowna Art Gallery exhibition.
I Don't Do Old A poem by Sterling Haynes.
Portfolio: Black and White, Landscape and Machine The photographs of Gary Nylander reveal a person compelled to seek out and make pictures of the picturesque and the faded industrial marvels.

Wild Blue Yonder at Thursday Express