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Okanagan Institute
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Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
Arts Council of the
Central Okanagan

140-1735 Dolphin Ave,
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8A6
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Elke Lange, Executive Director
Telephone: 250.861.4123

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Okanagan Arts Poster

The distinctive, limited-edition poster shown at right was produced to celebrate the launch of the magazine, and to support the work of the Arts Council. The 200 signed and numbered copies are 14 x 23 inches, and were printed by the renowned letterpress printer, Trip Print Press, using their unique collection of 19th century wood type. They are offered for sale at $20.

The posters are available at the Arts Council office. For credit card orders using the secure Paypal process, click the button below.

The poster was written and designed by Robert MacDonald at the Okanagan Institute Bookworks. It contains words representative of the editorial mission of the magazine, in red, between black alphabetic sections, the whole a celebration of the individual arts in our community. It is intentionally striking, with the stark imprint of the words on the white ground revealing the message in as simple a way as possible. Each copy is numbered using a cheque-numbering machine, and signed by the designer.

About the Trip Print Press and Letterpress Printing

Trip Print Press is a fully functioning artist print shop in Toronto, using equipment that was condemned obsolete a generation ago, surrendered for less practical and more wasteful processes. It works exclusively in the letterpress process. This is not necessarily for nostalgic purposes, but rather because of its practicality, beauty, economy and ease of work. Not to replicate dated typographical motifs, but to create distinctive and genuinely original printed work of all kinds. The Press enables independent art and publishing projects, and provides resources, advice, expertise and direction to musicians, micro-publishers, visual artists and creative shit-disturbers.

Letterpress, simply, involves placing type elements in the bed of an iron press, applying ink to the raised surface of the letters (in this case wood type made from end-grain maple in the late 1880's and used primarily for circus posters and commercial flyers). Once inked, a sheet of paper is run between the letters and the cylinder or platen of the press, under pressure, thereby transferring the ink to the paper. Each color is printed separately. The process dates back to the time of the first European printers more than 500 years ago, and produces a distinctive result.

"The printer is the friend of intelligence, of thought; he is the friend of liberty, of freedom, of law; indeed, the printer is the friend of every man who is the friend of order - the friend of every man who can read. Of all the inventions, of all the discoveries in science or art, of all the great results in wonderful progress of mechanical energy and skill, the printer is the only product of civilization necessary to the existence of free man." - Charles Dickens, 1812-1870

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